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Our aim is to produce completely natural wines - from the growth of the vine to the processing of the must 100% natural - wines with intoxicating freshness, different minerals and fruity natural flavors, floral sort-typical flavors, for people who are looking for more, who know how to recognize the difference.


Wine was working in the vineyard and not in the basement.
Winemakers live with the season, year and different weather conditions in the cultivation of grapes and the preservation of grapes from drought, birds, a variety of today's diseases. Proper natural floor care using only natural manure from animals that are also cultivated in nature and freedom, it is possible to raise the quality of the soil, so that it is properly nourished and protects the vines from diseases and pests.
Preservation of the natural balance in the vineyard, develop useful microorganisms, which normally means of today's excessive use of chemical fertilizers and synthetic protective agents in more conventional ways of farming are destroying. In this way it is possible to return the wine to its maximum naturalness, smells and intoxicating, and protect it from unwanted diseases and parasites.

Vineyards Bolfan but is now moving through natural breeding and application of biodynamic methods in the preservation of quality and naturalness.

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Wine cellar

The wine cellar is designed in a way to meet the highest standards of work processes in the processing of grapes, must and wine.
State of the art technology combined with proven traditional methods and equipment to get the maximum potential of grapes.

The cellar is located in the middle of the vineyard which is sometimes crucial for obtaining high-intensity varietal aromas and aromas in our wines.
Grapes are harvested by hand and from the moment of cutting to crushing or pressing the expiration of more than 20 minutes.

Must or grape material is precipitated by natural process without the use of SO2, after which starts fine, light fermentation (fermentation of must). Fermentation is done mostly with the use of natural, to the farm bred yeast. All procedures in the processing must have been designed to ensure getting wines with different flavors for different occasions, a maximum amount of natural smell and flavor from the grapes with our position.

Towards nature and health wine

Specialization in the production of grapes and wine Bolfan harmonized with the aim of Environmental procedures and long-term biodynamic principles.

Equally in the vineyard and in the cellar of our desire to respect the interests of a healthy natural environment, maintain the microbial balance in the vineyard and beyond, to fight for the health of the cane, to act in the awareness of every wine lover, customer and passers.

To our grapes were grown in the most natural conditions we have provided conditions for development and reproduction of insects and animals that are largely responsible for a healthy and balanced growth of our vineyards, which have been through the construction of modern environments have lost their natural habitat, and due to the manner of conventional breeding crops largely extinct, and some have incurred.

To cane was as healthier it is necessary to keep him healthy natural food (biodynamic composts and concern for the balance of life in the soil.)

To our cane had everything he needed for a healthy diet is best for him to prepare biodynamic compost.

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