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Our Story

Inspired by the time we live in and the increase of the pollution, we have decided to contribute at least a little in the preservation of the nature and use our example to inspire people to think about different, healthier and better way of living. In NATURE PARK LONJSKO POLJE, next to the river Sava, the village Mužilovčica is situated. We have started with organic production in 2005 by growing strawberries on only 0,25 ha of land. Derived by the satisfaction of our customers that were delighted by the natural smell and taste of the strawberries, we have decided to expand our production. Today we cultivate 10 ha of land on which we grow different kinds of ORGANIC FRUIT AND VEGETABLES, but we also own cattle for our personal needs so the entire natural cycle is complete.

On the first Jam and marmalade Festival in Dubrovnik in 2007 we have won a gold medal for our Plum jam and a silver medal for Plum and green tomato jam. Inspired by our reward we have registrated our FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PLANT in Novo Selo Palanječko near Sisak. In 2011 the minister of tourism Damir Bajs has opened ECOTOURISM VESELIĆ. On our estate we provide accommodation in authentic Posavic rooms, traditional food prepared out of organic groceries, homemade organic juices, different kinds of schnapps and Moslavic vine.

How we work

Organic agriculture and ecotourism in Nature park Lonjsko polje Eco, biologic or organic agriculture does NOT approve usage of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides or protective remedies.
  • we respect nature rhythm
  • we do not use chemical fertilizers
  • we do not use GMO seeds
  • we only sell what we produce in our farm

Organic agriculture

Organic agriculture Organic farming is the concept of agricultural production, which is much more complex and whose essence is not only in the omission of agrochemicals, but in the overall management with which it is possible to achieve. Organic agriculture is a practice that combines broken strings between humans and nature. Organic production or agricultural products and food is defined as a special system of sustainable development in agriculture and silviculture that consists of growing plants and animals, food production, goods and natural fibers, and reproduction of natural products that includes all ecological, economical and socially accepted production-technological methods, procedures and systems, using the land and water, natural ingredients of plants and environment, the increase of income and resistance of plants by using natural forces and laws with prescribed usage of organic fertilizers, plant and animal remedies, according to the international norms and principles. The process of organic production has a dual role, which on one hand provides a specific market responding to consumer demand for organic products, and on the other hand delivers public goods, contributes to environmental protection, animal welfare and rural development.

OPG VESELIĆ - ORGANIC AGRICULTURE:Novo selo Palanječko, Vukovarska 24, 44 202 Topolovac, http://eko-veselic.com