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Let us introduce you to the top-quality products that the concern Ferbežar produces for many years in a traditional Slavonic way through an old family recipe from the finest raw meat out of "Black Slavonic" pigs. We wish to share with you our production process, from the cultivation by the oak forests in the natural and ecological conditions of carefully selected pig breeds to the finished product that you can enjoy with your family. This provides a perfect breeding ratio of fat in the meat. The products are also manufactured from organic spices produced on family farms in the fields of Slavonia. The products do not contain lactose, gluten or preservatives.


The farrowing pen incarceration is there for the protection and safety of just born piglets. It prevents unintended consequences for both sows and piglets. We also have special sections of farrowing pens for declined piglets up to 30kg where they can acquire the hardiness until they are ready to return to a normal environment. All rooms are regularly cleaned and carried out with top-notch hygiene and conditions for the animals to be in. The rooms are comfortable to stay in because of the ventilation system and regular cleaning conducted by modern equipment. Meals of piglets are particularly monitored and are provided with all the necessary accessory grains, along with veterinary supervision and treatment.

Pigs in free-range


The outdoor rearing is implemented with particular quality and breeds proven resistant to all weather conditions, Black Slavonic pigs and Duroc, and special German Landrace breed that provide the ideal structure of the meat and the ratio of fat and meat. The outdoor rearing takes place under constant veterinary supervision and without antibiotic treatment. The average breeding duration is 12-15 months.


Nutrition takes place with particular emphasis on providing quality and complete diet with top quality and cereals. First of all, in pigs’ diet we use fresh and dried clover, corn, barley, wheat, soybean, and sunflower free from artificial additives for growth. Such diets provide with top quality meat that does not contain harmful substances such as antibiotics, nitrates, polyphosphates, gluten and lactose. All environmental standards are met.


Quality control ripening of the final product is provided with multiple instruments and under the HACCP control system. Veterinary surveillance provides the raw materials for the end product is good quality and on the expected level. Also, employees are trained to work with years of experience in the meat processing and production of Slavonic traditional cured meats. The latest technology machinery, refrigeration and chambers with controlled temperature, humidity, and air flow and ventilation allows the products to ripen in controlled and desired conditions creating the perfect end product. By combining new technology and old recipes we get a top quality product.

Supervision is carried out 24 hours a day, controlled by professionals who have secured staying with all necessary equipment and segments within Slavonic apartment. Slavonic apartment is decorated in a traditional Slavonic style.

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