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About rhe brewery (Carlsberg Kroatien)

Carlsberg Croatia is part of the Danish brewery group Carlsberg, which is currently present in more than 150 markets worldwide. The company's success is based on its exciting brands, motivated people and the close relation with true beer lovers.

Oxford Street Brewery, the newest, most modern and environmentally most advanced in Croatia. Its responsible behavior, we set an example for the business in accordance with the highest environmental standards and quality in the entire process of production, distribution and sale of beer. Carlsberg Croatia is the only Croatian brewery with internationally agreed integrated management system that includes:

ISO certification for environmental standards and the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

ISO 22000 for integrated food safety management system

ISO certified OHSAS 18001 system, which defines the health and safety of employees


Our success is based primarily on our employees, a team of 320 responsible and ambitious professionals, committed to progress and the growth of their company and their role in the development of a competitive, successful and responsible beer industry in Croatia. Our product range consists of international beer brands Carlsberg, Tuborg, Holsten and Somersby cider and local brand - top Croatian beer Pan. Pan in recent years enriched wide range of sub-brands that bring refreshments for every taste and include Pan Lager, Gold Pan, Pan dark, WITHOUT Pan and Pan Radler. On the Croatian market, Carlsberg Croatia is also an importer and distributor for the Czech brands Budweiser Budvar and Guinness.

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1971: Established Pannonian Brewery

1972: The local production of Tuborg under license

1994: Carlsberg buys shares Pannonian brewery

1997: Opened a new brewery in Koprivnica

2002: Carlsberg became the majority owner of the brewery

2004: The Pannonian brewery changed its name to Carlsberg Croatia

2008: Carlsberg Croatia takes over the management of the Hungarian and Slovenian markets.


Dedicated work in collaboration with real beer lovers, we have created a refreshment for every occasion and a wide range of brands whose quality is evidenced by numerous prizes and awards:

sign Croatian quality that CCC awarded products of exceptional quality (Pan Lager and Pan BEZ).

The International Institute for elections Quality Monde Selection in Brussels

2015 Silver Medal Monde Selection for Gold Pan

2015 Silver Medal Monde Selection for Dark Pan

The 2014 largest award Superior Taste Award (superior taste) for Pan Lager (3 stars)

2013 Silver Medal Monde Selection for Gold Pan

2013 Silver Medal Monde Selection for Dark Pan

2012 Superior Taste Award (superior taste) of Gold Pan awarded by the respected Institute for taste and quality

2012 Silver Medal Monde Selection for Gold Pan

2011 Gold Medal Monde Selection Gold Award for Pan

, 2010. Superior Taste Award for Gold Pan by the International Institute of Taste and Quality

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Carlsberg Croatia d.o.o. Ulica Danica 3 P.P. 200 48000 Koprivnica, Hrvatska,