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PELAGOS NET FARMA was established in 2013. The company has its headquarters in the Gaženica industrial port near the City of Zadar. A new and contemporary logistics centre with a CO2-SABROE refrigeration cold storage plant with a capacity of 2000 tons and an anchovy processing plant with a capacity of 1000 tons are located at terminal pier no.4 at the Zadar Cargo Port. The farm has a capacity of 1488 tons in 12 farming units.


The anchovy processing plant has a capacity of 1000 tons. Small pelagic fish caught either by the own fleet of Pelagos Net Farm or cooperation ships is transported in boats directly to the plant where it is being salted, marinated, filleted and frozen with high quality IQF systems.

Farming and fishing

Tuna farm Balabra is situated in a wind sheltered location of Žut-Sit archipelago. It is 19 nautical miles away from logistic center and has a capacity of 1500 tons in 12 farming units. Pelagos net farma owns a fleet of fishing and logistic ships for tuna feeding. Fishing ships are equipped for tuna fishing as well as for fishing small pelagic fish used for feeding farmed tuna, but small pelagic fish is also used for processing.

PELAGOS NET FARMA ltd. for mariculture and commerce Gaženička cesta 28b, HR-23200 Zadar, Croatia,