R E M E D Y is a family farm that specializes in organic production of bee products.

The standards for organic honey production are much different than those for producing other organic livestock products. Managing honey bees is very difficult, so the general rules applicable for other livestock cannot be implemented in the case of organic honey production.

In Croatia there is a long beekeeping tradition going back to ancient times. Croatia has over 100 species of bee-loving plants.

Aspects of organic bee keeping

The organic bee keeping is very complex. Here are some ascpects of it:

  • Location: An organic apiary should be placed on a piece of land that is maintained organically.
  • Bee Hives: The bee hives used for organic apiculture should be made of natural timber or metal.
  • Organic Honey Disease Control
  • Organic Honey Extraction: A live brood cannot be used for extracting honey from a brood comb.
  • Organic Honey Processing: It should not be heated above 35 degrees Celsius.


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