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The company Zdravo za gotovo deals with the production and processing of tomatoes into finished products (soup, juice, tomato sauce) and food for gourmet cuisine (tomato paste, canned and sauce for pizza) under the Majuka brand.
The products contain the most mature summer tomatoes, and do not contain preservatives, additives, paint or E numbers. Brand is a market positioning versus big industry uncompromisingly insisting on the quality and taste of the product, the world's favorite, vegetables.


The core philosophy of the company are old varieties of superior taste and beautiful red color that are processed by modern standards in order to preserve the flavor, color and nutritional value, and highlights the basic processing of fruit on the low 60 degrees. Finished products are packed in (for tomatoes) most acceptable - glass packaging.

The difference between the taste and properties of these and industrial products produced in the pre-production stages; the cultivation of tomatoes and in the manner of her reading. For granted in farming implements the principles of integrated production with the use of organic pesticides, and industrial protective agents are used only in case of extremely adverse weather conditions. However, all protective devices are strictly forbidden during the withdrawal period, ie. When the fruit is formed and matures.



To those of ripe summer fruits get superior raw material picking is done by hand, which is completely at odds with today's practice of large companies. One, with quantities that are measured in hundreds of thousands of tons and the desire to maximize profits, such as they can not afford. Their crops harvested harvester as the most appropriate hard and resistant tomato ie. Only partly matured. Here lies the answer to the question why the summer tomatoes from the garden, "cute", and industrial processing tomatoes are acidic, and even bitterness.

The comparison is easiest to do by looking at the production of wine because it is hard to imagine a situation where the winemaker to reduce costs picked sour, unripe grapes. The base wine production requirements proportion of sugar in the grapes, and it mostly depends on the quality of the finished product. The same or similar applies to tomatoes. Industry insufficient quality raw materials must also doradivati ??to color and flavor more reminiscent of natural tomatoes, but without optimal natural sugars in the fruit, what has ripened tomato that is ripened in the sun, there can be no quality processed goods.

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