Drniški Pršut

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The Drniš region is proud of its gastronomy and the natural products that this region can offer on the Drniški pršut, the ham from Drniš. Pršut is an air-dried raw ham, the name of which is derived from the Italian prosciutto for ham. The pršut is a whole, around five to seven kilo ham that comes from either pork or beef. It matures over a period of two years through traditional storage and is cut into thin slices by hand with a sharp knife for consumption. The manufacturers of pršut are called pršutari. Drniški pršut is characterized by its special quality, which is the result the microclimatic peculiarities of the area around Drniš, which is also known for the sharp bora wind.


The first traces of pig farming in Drniš come from from around 1500 BC. The first reliable data on the production of Pršut in this area can be found in the Šibenik Statute from the 14th century. In 1969, when production was at its peak, Drniški pršut became a well-known brand.

The following anecdote is associated with Drniški pršut: In 1952, the Drniš pršut was served at the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II. Therefore, the city of Drniš sent her a Drniški pršut as a gift for the Golden Jubilee of the Throne. The mayor then received a letter of thanks from Her Majesty, which is now kept in the Drniš City Museum.

In 2012, the Drniški pršut was certified as a product with a protected geographical origin by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia.

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BEL-CRO from Miljevci is located near Drniš in Dalmatia and specializes in the traditional production of Pršut. The climate of the region around Drniš is a mixture of continental and Mediterranean climate with a clean and salty air, which promotes the production of Pršut.

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