Salted Anchovies

Dose mit salzigen Anchovies von Arbacommerce

Arba Sol

3,70 €
75 g
Salted Anchovies

The Alpha and the Omega of good and desirable salted fillets, of course, is a lata (can) of well salted anchovies. In the lata “Arba Sol”, in perfect harmony, lays a layer of fish and a layer of salt, witnessing the creation of our Premium Quality.

Type of packaging Cans

Net weight 5000g

Fish weight 3900g

Storage temperature 5-12 °C

Expiration date 24

Pieces per carton 4

The ARBA SOL line somehow combines semi-processed and final products resulting from salting and filleting small pelagic fish from the Adriatic Sea in the production facility “Arbacommerce”. Most of the fish is salted in barrels, it matures and is exported as a semi-processed product or is used to produce fillets for the subline Adriatic Delight. Salted anchovies salted in cans are used for the fillets for the subline Premium Quality. Our salted product is prepared with great attention to every detail, it is carefully cleaned and rinsed from the salt, it is dried and packed in a very attractive packaging that does not hide the product but it shows the fillets in all its beauty.


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