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You want to organize a feast?

Do you want to organize a party or want to offer your guests something special in the small round?


Catering im festlicher Rahmen

Mario Harapin At Work

Catering in a festive setting

This means lots of work for Mario Harapin. And much pleasure for his guests!

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Mario bei den Vorbereitungen
Vorbereitungen vollendet
Mario Harapin im Laden

Catering consultation

Look forward to a competent and friendly advice from Mario Harapin on setting up your catering.

Meet Mario

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Catering Desserts

Choose the right catering for you

Choose the delicacies that match your catering needs! What to serve at your catering party? Something hearty, sweet or exquisitelike olive oil from 1000 year olive trees? Let us advise you! Choose with Mario Harapin the right wine selection!

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Lun Olivenöl
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