Organic bacon

Bio-Bauchspeck vom Turopolje-Freiland-Schwein

Organic bacon

Turopolje pig

18,90 €
450 g

incl. 10% VAT = 1,72 € (Price per 1 kg: 42,00 €)

Bacon from Turopolje organic free range pork.

The taste is incomparable! The pigs from Dvomar are under optimal ecological Conditions with lots of space and of course kept free. Pig breeding is located near the Maruševec Castle.

The Turopolje pig

The Turopolje pig is a very rare and almost extinct Croatian pig breed from Croatia. It is one of the oldest pig breeds in Europe and is known for its black spots and woolly hair. It was named after the region "Turopolje" (Turkish field), which lies between Zagreb and Sisak on the western bank of the Sava in Croatia. The Turopolje are a late mature breed that are fully grown at 2 years of age. They are robust against cold and against swine diseases and  can be kept outdoors in the pasture all year round. The pigs can swim and dive well,  because they also have aquatic plants and mussels on their menu.

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