Blackberry liqueur

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Blackberry liqueur

16,50 €

incl. 20% VAT = 2,75 € (Price per 1l: 33,00 €)
We do not deliver this product to Germany, Sweden and Finland.

Alcohol: 18 % vol.

Fruit liqueurs are produced from high quality fruit according to the old receipts, in the entirely natural manner, without additions of any quality enhancers. Several months long maturation, i.e. ageing of fresh fruit in the high-quality distillate, gives all liqueurs a special& irresistible aroma that reminds us of just picked fresh fruit.

The overall result is the rich range of tastes, colors and smells characteristic for that fruit rich in ferrum.

The Blackberry Liqueur is 100 percent natural and entirely handmade according to the traditional recipe. It is produced by maceration, i.e. ageing of the finest fresh blackberries in a high-grade distillate.

After 4-month maceration (aging) period, blackberries are separated and the liqueur undergoes further maturation. The liqueur is produced with no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners, preservatives, etc., using only four ingredients: fresh blackberries (minimum 50 percent), high-grade distillate, water and sugar. In order to keep all natural aromas, after at least one year of maturation and aging, at the peak of its maturity, the liqueur naturally precipitates and is filled into bottles without filtration.

Due to the natural process of production and a high minimum share of fruit (50 percent), there is a possibility that the sediment will settle to the bottom of the bottle.

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