Jalapeno acid slicer

Jalapeno Acid Slices pickled peppers

Jalapeno acid slicer

pickled peppers

5,00 €
370 g
Chili Bhut-Jolokia-Chocolate

Jalapeno Acid Slicer is made from fresh and crunchy sliced Jalapeno peppers, little bit of garlic, white vinegar, water and spices. It is ideal for any kind of sandwiches, pizzas or hamburgers.

Does not contain artificial additives or preservatives.

  • Heat Level:2 / 5
  • Content: 370ml / 150g drained weight
  • Type: pickled peppers
  • Ingredients:Jalapeno chili peppers, garlic, vinegar, salt, sugar, spices

*Color, taste and heat level can vary depending on crop maturation, weather and other factors.

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