Volim Ljuto

Volim Ljuto

Volim Ljuto

We devoted ourselves to provide best quality chili pepper organic products like: hot sauces, pickled peppers, chili powders, chutneys etc. We grow all the chili peppers at our family farm based in Croatia, just 30 km outside Zagreb, Croatian capitol. Each year we plant more than 30 kinds of chili peppers with more than 15.000 plants all together. Most of the peppers are grown inside greenhouses because of the climate conditions. Organic growing and sustainability are our main principals. Since 2013 we are biggest (and best) chili pepper products manufacturer in Croatia.


Project originated in the fall of 2012, when I,Goran Vrabec, planted 15 exotic chili pepper plants and made around 100 hot sauces and gave them away as presents to my friends. Feedback was so good that I decided to make a business out out of it. It is no secret that I enjoyed converting my passion into business and now after three years I enjoy it even more. In spring 2013. we started family business for chili peppers growing and processing and that year 3000 sauces and other products were made. In 2014 that number was more that 20.000 and in 2015 we reached 30.000. Currently there are five people working on this project full time and during the harvest and processing season we require some additional work force. We hope to make our business even better in following years and be recognized for our quality, innovation and consistency.

Pepper growing

When there is a sunny day you can almost see peppers growing. All the artificial lighting, watering and fertilizers doesn’t do a thing compared to a day of sunlight. Containers with chili peppers are put onto watering tables so we don’t have to spray water on pepper leaves because it can cause all kinds of fungal diseases. Watering is done as frequently as required. On a sunny day we do it twice a day – early in the morning and later in the afternoon but on a cloudy days sometimes we do it once in 3 or 4 days. Most important thing is to constantly monitor peppers. I’m posting few pictures from our greenhouse taken today.

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