Antique Pelinkovac

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ANTIQUE PELINKOVAC is Badel’s oldest and most famous premium herbal liqueur and also one of the most intriguing Croatian drinks. The product dates back to the year 1862, the founding year of the company Badel 1862.

It was created by Franjo Pokorny, a tradesman and founder of the company Badel 1862. At that time Antique was sold solely in pharmacies with the recommendation “stomach restorative”. It was so successful that Franjo Pokorny became the supplier of this fantastic liqueur for the Viennese and French royal courts, and in accordance with records from that time, it was also exported to America. The recipe for the production of Badel Antique Pelinkovac is the oldest and most secret in Badel 1862 archives. The essential herb is wormwood (Cro. Pelin; Lat. Artemisia Absinthium) and the original bottle in which the product is sold is exhibited in Zagreb City Museum.


Since the year 1862 Antique Pelinkovac is produced in the same, traditional manner, in accordance with the original recipe, from 100% natural ingredients. To those who understand the production technology of fine liqueurs, we shall reveal that selected aromatic herbs are first macerated in alcohol, and then the aged macerate is distilled in small series in coppers and after it is aged, it is manually bottled and thus it is a true Croatian craft product. Every bottle is marked with a unique serial number printed on the label at the back of the bottle. The flavour of this premium herbal liqueur is dominated by wormwood (Cro. Pelin), an aromatic herb characterized by its scent and bitter note, by which it is remembered and recognized due to the beneficial effect on the human body, thus making Pelinkovac the perfect digestive but also one of the best bases for traditional aperitif cocktails.


Wormwood (Cro. Pelin) is the traditional ingredient of Croatian herbal liqueur, which is made from various medicinal herbs, whereby wormwood (Cro. Pelin) dominates with its unique aroma, pleasant fragrance and interesting bitter taste and gives the liqueur its appealing name.

For perfect enjoyment, we recommend serving Antique Pelinkovac well chilled and complementing it perfectly with one or two ice cubes and a lemon or orange slice. It can be consumed on its own or as an ingredient in cocktails or with coffee.

Antique Pelinkovac continues to win prizes, most recently gold at the "World Spirits Award", which many refer to as the unofficial world championship for strong alcoholic beverages. This recognition and the already won Superior Taste Award 2021 from the International Taste Institute in Brussels and Best Value at the China Wine & Spirits Awards make us very happy.

Alcohol content: 35%

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  • 5 cl Antique
  • 1,5 cl almond syrup
  • 4 cl freshly squeezed orange
  • 2 cl freshly squeezed lemon
for 1 person(s)

Mix all ingredients in a glass, add ice cubes and decorate with an orange slice.




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Badel 1862 is the largest and oldest wines and alcoholic beverages producer in Croatia, continuing and cultivating the rich tradition inherited from the renowned companies Pokorny, Patria, Arko and Badel Vinoprodukt by the quality of its products.

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