Badel 1862 is the largest and oldest wines and alcoholic beverages producer in Croatia, continuing and cultivating the rich tradition inherited from the renowned companies Pokorny, Patria, Arko and Badel Vinoprodukt by the quality of its products.


BADEL 1862 has the goal to be the leading company in the production of alcoholic beverages and wines on the domestic and regional market and the second largest company on the Croatian carbonated soft drinks market by achieving constant growth in sales volumes as well as company profitability. We will accomplish that by: High quality products and service Constant productivity growth Constantly striving for new and innovative products Cultivating and developing partner relationships with our clients and other users of our services Constant education of our employees Promoting the culture of drinking alcoholic beverages, wines and soft drinks At all times taking into consideration the sustainable development of BADEL 1862 as well as the sustainable development of all our stakeholders and the community we live and work in.


For one and a half century our high quality products are accompanying our consumers and buyers in the most important moments of their life and we are developing and promoting the culture of consuming alcoholic beverages and wines in accordance with our slogan “Drink less but of the best!” to the satisfaction of our workers, owners, suppliers and broader social community.


BADEL 1862 is proud of its tradition and by interweaving it in its name, the company honoured not only its ancestors but also unmistakably identified itself as a company with a long tradition. Franjo Pokorny, who laid the foundations of alcoholic beverages production, at first produced, packaged and distributed alcoholic beverages all by himself. This seldom seen persistency soon stated to bear fruits: as time went by he turned his production into the largest export force in that line of business. Soon he expanded his markets to numerous Central European countries and, additionally to significant European capitals, he also supplied the French imperial court of Napoleon III with his liqueurs. The second famous name, Mijo Arko, was one of the first Croatian experts in wine cellaring. In 1867 he established a wine and brandy store. His son Vladimir inherited and further developed the industrial production of spirits and liqueurs and made the factory “Arko” a respected name in the production of cognac, sparkling wine, rum, rakija liqueurs and other drinks. The factory Patria, established in 1886, with its own distillery, was prominent for its rich offer of chosen alcoholic beverages. Patria’s main product was Patria Brandy, whose popularity outlived the company. After World War II there were significant changes - the liqueur factory and alcohol refinery “Marijan Badel” was established. A quarter century later it merged with Vinoprodukt, a company owning most wineries throughout Croatia which was the starting point of winemaking tradition in BADEL. Having entered the 21st century, Badel 1862 launched a modern bottling plant for spring and mineral water in Apatovac. Since 2006 BADEL Group has a new member – Eurobev d.o.o. (a company producing fruit juices, nectars and syrups as well as carbonated and non-carbonated refreshing soft drinks). The company was integrated in BADEL 1862 d.d. at the beginning of 2011.

BADEL 1862 d.d. wines
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