Biska Extra - Finest Quality

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 Biska Extra von Aura

Biska Extra - Finest Quality
Alcohol: 39.8% vol.

The exclusive flagship from the Istrian distillery Aura.
Biska is the national drink in Croatia and mistletoe has various healing and relaxing effects. In particular, the white berry mistletoe is effective against high blood pressure and serves to prevent atherosclerosis.

Er wird aus Blättern der Weißbeerigen Mistel (Viscum album), die ausschließlich von Apfelbäumen gewonnen werden, erzeugt.

Der Biska Extra ist für besondere Tage, besondere Mitmenschen ein exklusiver Trunk und auch als besonderes Geschenk hervorragend geeignet.
Durch seine lange Lagerung im Barriquefass bekommt der Biska Exklusiv den Charakter eines hochwertigen Cognacs.
Abgefüllt wird der Biska Extra in charakteristische, schwere, eckige Glasflaschen mit gerundeten Kanten, verschlossen mit einem griffigen Glaspfropfen.
Die Flasche ist in einem Stoffsack zusätzlich geschützt.

 Biska Extra Mistelschnaps

It is made from leaves of the white berry mistletoe (Viscum album), which are obtained exclusively from apple trees.

The Biska Extra is an exclusive drink for special days, special people and also ideal as a special gift.
Due to its long storage in barrique barrels, the Biska Exklusiv has the character of a high-quality cognac.
The Biska Extra is filled in characteristic, heavy, angular glass bottles with rounded edges, closed with a non-slip glass stopper.
The bottle is additionally protected in a fabric sack.

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The company ‘Aura proizvodi’ produces exclusive traditional products, including different types of fruit brandies and jams, as well as other unique products made from wild herbs and wild fruits that come from the natural landscapes of the Cicarija slopes, far from streets and inhabited towns.

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