Grappa Moscato

Grappa Moscato

Grappa Moscato

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incl. 20% VAT = 5,00 € (Price per 1l: 42,86 €)
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Grappa made from the grape variety Moscato/Muskatela. 40% Alc.

Mild in taste, fruity and very delicious, it is a 100% natural product, without any additives or coloring.

It serves as the perfect finale for any meal and in Croatia they use to hand the moscato grappa also as a welcome drink.

The excellent fourfold distilled Aura Moscato Edelbrand convinces with its sweetish aroma and is the brand for the special connoisseur. This brand was named Grappa Number 1 on the Vinistra in 2018 and 2019.

Perfect also as a gift, as it comes in the beautiful wide bottle with the typical AURA stopper.

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