About us

The company ‘Aura proizvodi’ produces exclusive traditional products such as brandies, jams and other autochthonous products made of wild herbs and wild fruits picked in an ecologically clean environment on the slopes of the Cicarija mountain far from roads and inhabited settlements. Starting from production for our own needs, we have developed into a family company putting emphasis primarily on the quality of our products, i.e. the quality of the products must be like the one of our grandmothers who made products at home without any preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Beside the traditional Biska, Medica and Teranino, we produce brandies made of sage, mint, cornel, carob, olives and almond, wild pear, wild apple, rose petals, hip, forest fruit, Travarica and Biska extra; the latter is not to be omitted since we are the only ones to produce it on the market; it is produced from white mistletoe picked exclusively from the apple tree. Then there is also the Millefrutti barrique brandy.

Our products can be found in better vineries across Croatia, in delicacy stores, renowned hotels, top restaurants and airports; we also have our own shops in the Istrian Hum, the smallest town in the world, and in Buzet, the town of truffles where we have the distillery and where the production takes place; apart from Istria, we have stores also in Vrbnik on the island of Krk and in the Krka National Park.

The ‘AurA’ products have been recognised on the market as a top brand into which a lot of work and an immense amount of love was invested for each of the products; therefore, our slogan corroborates all of the above: “PICKED BY HAND, PREPARED WITH LOVE”.


The entire brandy and jam production process takes place in the Aura distillery taking more than 600 m2 of unique interior. It is interesting that the visitors can see and experience the entire production process – from fruit fermentation, distillation in a handmade copper cauldron, fruit maceration, aging of brandies up to filling, labelling and packaging.

Aura proizvodi d.o.o.
II. Istarske brigade 2/1, 52420 Buzet


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