Weißwein Malavasier von Kozlovic



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Grape variety: Istrian Malvasia
Category: dry white wines
Wine-growing area: West Istria, Croatia
Vineyard: Vale, Santa Lucia, Contarini
Vineyard age: 9 – 54 years
Altitude of vineyard: 200-240 m
Vineyard orientation: south, southwest
Soil composition: flysch, limestone, clay
Harvested: by hand
Vinification: manual grape selection, cryo maceration 12-24 h, pressing, fermentation
Aging: inox 7 months
Alcohol by volume: 13,0 %vol
Total acidity: 5,7 g/l
Unfermented sugar: 1,8 g/l
Serving temperature: 10-12 °C
glas of white wine MALVAZIJA
white wine MALVAZIJA

Winemaker's notes:

This Malvasia Istriana has a nice pale golden colour. On the nose, it is youthful and subtle, with lovely complexity showing multiple layers. White flowers, peaches and juicy yellow fruits are dominant. In this very good vintage 2015, some extra layers of cloves and cinnamon are adding to the complexity. It is dry on the palate. If the character on the nose is maybe a bit shy, which is what Malvasia usually does; it is fully intense on the palate, where all the flavours from the nose are intensified with some savour, mineral quality coming into equation. It is quite full bodied, warm, with a long aftertaste. A quintessential Malvasia Istriana. Could be one of our best to date.

Combining with food:

Risotto with scampi or shrimps, mushroom risotto, delicate white fish but also more complex textures like salmon. Good companion to scallops, pasta dishes with meat or seafood, chicken in creamy sauces, grilled vegetables, istrian fuži with lighter sauces and with poultry in general.

Aging potential:

It is best to drink it in the second and third year, but it will be great to the fifth year.

15,50 €


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