Kroatische Teigwaren: Fuzi
Klara Marić

hand made

3,30 €
500 g
handmade pasta

Fuži is a traditional Istrian pasta from Croatia. The pasta dough from Klara Maric is handmade. It is rolled-out into a thin sheet, cut into strips three to four centimetres wide, and placed over each other. The strips are then cut diagonally, producing diamond shapes. Two ends of each diamond are then folded over each other to meet in the middle and pinched together, making the fuži look like a bow. Usually, it is served with a mild red, veal sauce, made out of onions, tomato paste, white wine and broth.

The fuži are dried and will therefore be transported without the need of cooling. Just cook them in slightly salted water according to the packaging information.


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