Creme mit Trüffeln


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90 g

incl. 10% VAT = 1,23 € (Price per 1 kg: 150,00 €)
Trufflecream Karlić

The cream with truffle is excellent delicacy of truffles, cheese and cream.

It has an irresistible taste and can be used for pasta pastry or as a bread spread

Istrian fuži with truffles


  • 500g  fuži
  • 90g truffle cream
  • (can be added:) 50g butter
  • (can be added:) 100ml cream
  • 70 g white fresh truffles (or frozen)
  • (can be added:) grated Parmesan cheese
  • salt
  • (can be added:) two drops of white truffle-flavored olive oil

  • heat the truffle cream at low temperature
  • you can add cream,oil, cheese and melted butter if you want to
  • add white truffles chopped into thin slices to this finished sauce
  • Boil the fuži in salted water, strain it and pour over the finished sauce

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