Fuzi Pepperoncini

Fuzi Pepperoncini
Klara Marić

Fuzi Pepperoncini

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Ausrollen des Nudelteigs
Fuži are traditional pasta from Istria. Klara Maric's pasta is handmade. It is rolled out into a thin layer, which is cut into strips three to four centimeters wide. The strips are then partially colored with hot peppers, placed on top of each other and cut diagonally into rhombuses. Two ends of each diamond are folded over each other so that it looks like a loop.

The Fuži are dried and can be transported without refrigeration. Boil in slightly salted water, according to the package information.

KlaraM noodles are not pressed into molds because the noodle dough loses quality when pressed. Rolling gives the noodles permeability, while maintaining their nutritional value.

Fuži Pepperoncini

Fuži Pepperoncini

Recipe suggestion for Fuzi Pepperoncini - for quick preparation, in approx. 12 min.

For 4-5 people you need:
Fuzi Pepperoncini "Klara Marić" 400 g.
1-2 red pepperoncini
2-3 cloves of garlic

Extra virgin olive oil

Fuži Klara Marić boil for 8-10 minutes in boiling salted water (at least 4 liters).
Add extra virgin olive oil to the pan, add the chopped garlic and chop the peppers.
Sauté very briefly (so that the garlic does not burn), then strain the pasta, mix with the sauce and add grated cow cheese.

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