about Agropošta

The brand Agropošta was invented on a family farm Švaić. It presents healthy syrups from natural fruit and herbs that grow on the croatian mountains . The syrups of Agropošta are produced by hand by the family in their farm Švaić Jablanovac near Zagreb. All ingredients are harvested in the wild by them or organically grown throughout the Mediterranean.

The syrup is packaged in portions, making it ideal for hotels, just to enjoy takeaway or every day a different flavor at home. Agropošta stands for sustainability, love for the environment and fair trade in all processes and in all products. Today Agropošta is a household name in Croatia. The plant in Zagreb is designed completely in accordance with EU food standards. It will ensure that the strict requirements of HACCP are adhered to.

What we do

We produce a rich and surprising variety of delicious lemonade syrup. The ingredients that we use in our production are harvested throughout Croatia in the areas where the conditions are ideal. This enables us to ensure the highest quality for every drop of syrup. We are proud to offer five great flavors, namely elderberry, raspberry, lavender, sage and lemon.

OPG Švaić
Augusta Senoe 40, 10298 Jablanovec


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