The apples

The crispy Iduna apples come from the local cultivation of Croatian fruit trees.
The first-class fruits are carefully selected and prepared by hand without removing the skin.
They are then slowly dried to a maximum of 65 ° C in order to obtain as many valuable ingredients as possible.
The dried crispy apples are carefully packed by hand.
Handmade Iduna products are 100% natural.

The goddess Iduna

According to Nordic mythology, Iduna is the goddess of spring and eternal youth, the guardian of the golden apples of immortality.
Their golden apples have become a symbol of longevity, beauty and health. The legend describes the gods who came to Iduna's orchards,
to eat golden apples. They believed that anyone who ate golden apples stayed healthy and young.
Iduna never leaves her orchard and picks golden apples every morning, and the gods and goddesses come every day to enjoy ripe and juicy fruit.



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