Maraska and Zadar: a common story

More than five centuries of experiences and tradition in production of liqueurs and alcoholic drinks have been joined into today's company. Maraska is a modern Croatian company with a long tradition in production and sale of alcohol drinks, which also has an opulent assortment of non alcoholic drinks of various types and flavors. 



Already in 17th century in Zadar existed several distilleries for production of Maraschino liqueur. That attracted the young trader Francesco Drioli, who decided to come from Istria to Zadar and start a new liqueur factory. He devoted himself to the development and rising of production level from manufacture to the industrial production. Modern machinery and equipment that he introduced brought the distillation process of cherry marasca to the perfect level of purity and aroma. The production recipe of Maraschino Zadar was defined at that time. Maraska has maintained the unique taste of Maraschino and unique technique of manually bottle knitting until today. 


In a process of building a new factory in 2006 special attention was given to fulfill all the environmental standards and requirements. This refers mainly to the implementation of the Environmental Protection Law, the Waste Law, the Water Law, the Law on Air Protection and the Law on Soil Protection. 

Work in production units is developed in following ways:

  • by using environmentally safe materials
  • by reduction of waste and its proper classification and disposal
  • by selecting recyclable packing materials
  • by reducing the exploitation of natural resources
  • by raising awareness of all our employees and business partners about their impact on the environment.
Biogradska 64a, 23000 Zadar


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