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Frelimo trade, established in 2003 as the continuator of the successful butcher tradition of the family, is solely focused on the production of lard and cracklings. In the modern production facility, decorated and equipped according to HACCP standards, domestic, local workers are exclusively employed. The combination of traditional knowledge, systematic maintenance of health safety and high quality of products, as well as the possibility of daily deliveries of large amounts of fresh goods, have resulted in the immense popularity of the Samobor cracklings and lard.

In 2015 with more than 50 tons of sold cracklings and more than 130 tons of pork lard, delivered to individual customers as well as large bakery industries. Frelimo is the biggest specialized Croatian manufacturer of these products. Frelimo is one of the forerunners of the trend of the return to the original diet of our ancestors – authentic, simple, without harmful additives or artificial colors and preservatives.


June 2015 - The renowned International Taste & amp; Qualitiy iTQi, headquartered in Brussels, gave Fremilo the Superior Taste Award for its Crevaci products. The prize was awarded by the owner of Fremilo, Miroslav Mataušić.
The International Taste & amp; Qualitiy Institute is the world's leading independent organization that assesses the quality and taste of food and beverages. The judges are selected by the 15 most prestigious European culinary and sommelier associations. They test the products without knowledge, which products it is and the Superior Taste Award is a unique international recognition.

Josipa Jelacica 126A, 10430 Samobor


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