Vinarija Šibenik-Vinoplod

Vinarija Šibenik-Vinoplod

The town of Šibenik was first mentioned in 1066.
The sparse land and the difficult rocky landscape forced the farmers to engage in the production of grapes and wine, and they proved to be excellent winegrowers and winemakers. The first mention of viticulture in the Šibenik area comes from the XI. St. It is an archeological find of a stone fragment with a three-bar braid and a vine. The first written evidence of the widespread cultivation of vines dates back to 1298, when the Šibenik diocese was founded in Šibenik.

Šibenik Winery was founded on October 28, 1959 under the name "Vinoplod" Agricultural Company, which originated from the former Vinalko, as an organization that would unite viticultural and wine production in this area. Since 1993, we have been operating under the name “VINOPLOD-VINARIJA” d.d. ŠIBENIK.

The most valuable of the winery comes from the karst of Primosten, the work of human hands, under the protection of UNESCO, are the famous vineyards of Primosten. The way the people of this area form and create vineyards has fascinated the whole world. The sparse land, ie the vine, gives little yield - only about 500 g per vine, vine - but that yield is special. It is important to note that the complete production is ecological.


From the initial simple production of only a few types of products, "Vinoplod" today has a large number of wines in its production: Jure white and red wine, Debitum, Doro, Moro and Barba, quality wines - Babić, Plavina, Debit, Rose, Merlot, Maraština sur lie, Barrique wines - Merlot barrique, premium wines Primoštenski Babić and Babić sur lie, dessert wine Jakov, and high quality Dalmatian brandies Travarica, Lozovača and Komovica and liqueurs Pelinkovac, Višnja, Borovnica and Aronija.
Vinoplod is continuously working on improving its production and processing of grapes, and was the first in Dalmatia to start applying modern technology combined with the traditional way of processing grapes. The winery has been awarded gold medals several times for its outstanding products, and precisely because of the quality and method of production, it has survived to this day and preserved its tradition.

In order to maintain the leading position in wine production, we have improved the processing technology by applying cold fermentation and storage of wine through a controlled aging temperature. Investment in the reconstruction and modernization of grape processing and wine aging began in 2002, new grape mulchers, conveyors, presses, vinifiers for red grape processing and tanks for controlled fermentation of white must with the complete renovation of the production line Komovica and Lozovaca.

Quality and top wines are matured in wooden barrels in Primošten and in the cellar with barrique barrels in Šibenik. Emphasis in production is placed on our indigenous and domesticated varieties with which we find our place under the sun with the richness of smell and taste.

Velimira Škorpika br.2 HR 22000, Šibenik


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