Marina is a small village 8 km from the center of Trogir. The most important cultural monument is the old fortress "Kula" in the center of the city, which in the past was used to defend against the Turks and has been renovated today.

The surrounding area is full of olive groves that the owners, our cooperatives and subcontractors outsource to PZ-MARINA to process their oil and olive products.


The beginnings of the cooperative in the marina go back to 1908. The mutual farmers' fund was founded in 1936. In 1939, the candidates for the marina joined the "Oil and Mill Cooperative". You build an oil mill and a mill.

After the Second World War, several agricultural cooperatives were founded in the villages around Marina, and P.Z. "Marina".

Most of the cooperatives soon got into trouble and were wiped out. So in 1959. "Oil-Mill" and P.Z. "Gustirna" attached to P.Z. "Marina" operates under the same name today.

In the early 1990s, additional investments were made in olive oil production and modern machinery for olive processing was purchased.


Today P.Z. "Marina" pickled olives, extra virgin olive oil (acids approx. 0.4%, peroxide number approx. 3.9) and virgin olive oil (acids below 1%) and extra virgin olive oil (acidity 0.2%). All products are made in collaboration with their cooperatives and subcontractors from their own hand-picked olives.

PZ Marina
Obala kardinala Alojzija Stepinca 2, 21222 Marina


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