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The history of the brewery goes back to the year 1854. The brewery was first located in Dubovac, a part of the town Karlovac, which is located some 50 kilometres south-west from Zagreb. The brewery was closed during the 1880s and reopened again in 1896. From 1929 until 1948 Karlovačka pivovara was in business as "Zagrebačka pivovara i tvornica slada, podružnica Karlovac". The brewery then became one of the leading breweries in the country. After the independent state of Croatia in 1991 Karlovačka pivovara became a joint-stock company owned by its employees. After a period of Chilean ownership, Heineken took over the brewery in 2003.

Brewing Process

The basic ingredients of Karlovačko svijetlo are water, malt, corn grits, hops and yeast. After the wort is brewed with hops, the wort is settled and cooled. The cooling temperature is around 11°C in order for the fermentation to start. The yeast disintegrates the sugar during this process. The "harvest" of the yeast is conducted and the young beer is transferred to the tanks to age. During the filtration process the remaining cells of yeast and other ingredients causing the turbidness of the aged beer are removed. The filtered beer gets pasteurized and transferred into tanks, waiting to be finally filled to bottles or casks.

Heineken Hrvatska d.o.o.
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