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The firm "Bilaja" began to work in 2003. The business is exclusively the processing of olives. In the same year, accompanied by the economic turnaround in the municipality of Marina (Split-Dalmatia County), Bilaja opened the largest and most modern oil refinery in Croatia with a capacity of 4 tons per hour. Given that Marina was, and still is, the municipality with the highest number of olive trees in Croatia, the goal was to promote the production of olive oil in the area. With our modern technology and fast service we have provided to our customers top quality olive oil. From the very beginning, "Bilaja" operates under the standards of the European Union. The mill has three full-time employees. During the season of processing this number rises up to twenty. 2006 the firm opened a second oil mill to double capacity and thus undoubtedly became the largest processor of olive oil in this part of Europe. Activities extended in 2007 by processing extra virgin olive oil, the product named "Benedicta Terra Dalmatia". Bilaja participates in all major Croatian and international fairs and conferences to promote the country Croatia and Croatian olive oil.


Oil obtained from olive fruits is only produced by cold processing, which means that the water temperature in the mixer may not reach more than 26 degrees. The olives delivered to the mill must be processed only the same day. The way of separating the oil from the paste is done in three phases. The centrifuge at 3512 rpm separates the solid (husk), liquid substance (murga) and oil that goes into the separator. The separator with 7100 rpm separates impure oil that comes from the centrifuge. After each production process the entire facility is cleaned to yield a higher quality oil, but also greater security. The olives are washed twice in clean water before entering the production process.


Benedicta Terra Dalmatia is the top product of extra virgin olive oil. The idea of the product started in 2007 and had the goal to create a distinctive and different product. The look of the bottle combines the olive fruit with a traditional Dalmatian form and the tricolor symbol of Croatia, recognizable everywhere in the world. The oil is protected by the use of enamelled glass, ensuring the durability of this top quality extra virgin olive oil, since the quality can only be preserved without contact with light, and other external factors. Cutting edge design was recognized in 2009 at the "Nocnjak" fair when the product was chosen the champion for packages of olive oil. Each olive is picked by hand and on the very same day the fruit must be processed to maintain the quality level. The company owns about 1000 olive trees and is supported by about 300 subcontractors.


One of the oldest professions in Croatia is olive growing, it has become the Dalmatian tradition. Benedicta Terra Dalmatia extra virgin olive oil is a product that combines traditional values with modern technology. That is why our superior quality and design has the potential to be recognized anywhere in the world. Our goal is to build a recognizable brand, as well as to promote Croatia on the world market


Silver medal

  • Quality packaging Extra virgin olive oil combined of sorts Nocnjak 2014., Zadar
  • Quality packaging Extra virgin olive oil combined of sorts NOCNJAK Korcula 2012.

Gold medal

  • the appearance of complete packages, Maslina Split 2014.
  • in the category of extra virgin olive oil, Olea, Vodice 2012.
  • for varietal olive oil, Maslina Split 2012.
  • VII. international manifestation of Mediterranean olive "Olive" Split 2011
  • Cup for high quality extra virgin olive oil Novi Sad Fair 2011
  • Olivenöl extra vergine Oblica Novosadski sajam 2011.
  • extra virgin olive oil Maslina, “Benedicta Terra Dalmatia” – Eco world Fest 2.-4.4.2009. Opatija
  • extra virgin olive oil Maslina, Split 2008. extra natives OlivenölMaslina, Split 2008.
  • of extra virgin olive oil II. International manifestation of olive oil – Maslina 2006., Split


  • extra virgin olive oill Maslina Split 2013.
  • quality packages Extra virgin olive oil XI.NOCNJAK MLINI 4.4.2009.


for high quality extra virgin olive oil Novi Sad Fair 2011

Bronze medal

quality packages Extra virgin olive oil NOCNJAK BnM 2010.


  • packages olive oil XI.NOCNJAK MLINI 4.4.2009.
  • quality packages Extra virgin olive oil XI.NOCNJAK MLINI 4.4.2009.


confirmation of CCE for original Croatian product

Bilaja d.o.o.
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