For many years, the family farm Matijevic is engaged in the production of traditional homemade sausage. Its superior quality is achieved thanks to our sausage combination of a long family recipes, careful selection of the highest quality ingredients and commitment to high standards in the production process.

Kulen made by the family Matijevic is a completely natural product from selected meat of domestic swine, domestic peppers and other natural spices. It contains no preservatives or additives.

The traditional family recipes to produce our homemade sausage was carefully perfected for decades, resulting in a product that is recognized as a premium gourmet pleasure. Although the recipe for the production of this sausage is not a secret, the ideal ratio of spices gives this kulen its uniqueness.

Highest quality ingredients

For our top-class sausage we carefully select the best parts of pork that comes from domestic swines. The meat is processed and carefully separated from the tendon, fat and connective tissue and is mixed with local spices. A key spice in the production of the sausage is home-made red pepper, which is recognized for its quality in gourmet circles of Croatia. It gives our kulen the distinctive spicy flavor and the characteristic red color. The pieces of kulen are smoked for several months, using certain types of wood. After the smoking they are air-dried for another 6- 8 months using the benefits of favorable climate conditions and the wind.


We produce Kulen in the house which is located on their own family farms, and is registered in the register of facilities for production of traditional dried meat product of the Ministry of Agriculture. The house is decorated and furnished in accordance with the strict requirements of the Veterinary Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture. Special attention is given to high hygiene standards in the slaughterhouse, through transport and entry to our production facility, to the final processing of meat and sausage production.

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