PZ Svirče

PZ Svirče

Our cooperative is located in the heart of the island of Hvar, in picturesque village Svirče. With the entry into the conformity assessment system, the ecological production of top Croatian wines started in 2002.

The Agricultural Cooperative Svirče since 1997 begins with the purchase of the grape for Badel 1862, and since 1999 begins with the production and filling of wine. Planned purchase of grapes, as well as wine production grows annually at a rate of 10%. From the very beginning the cooperatives defined their mission in the production of top quality wines of specific quality. We are famous for the production of "Ivan Dolac", one of the finest Croatian wines, and we also produce the first ecological wine in Croatia, as well as the late wine harvest of the same name.

Other pillars of the cooperative on Hvar are intensive olive cultivation in an ecological way and the organic production of high quality olive oil. The PZ Svirče has 88 members and almost as many subcontractors on the south coast of Hvar, in the interior of the island, around the village of Svirče, with a total area of 120 hectares.

Poljoprivredna zadruga Svirče Svirče 21462 Vrbanj


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