The Family farm

The Family farm Grgurevic is under the protection of Croatian Institute for Enology and Viticulture for the production of wines with a geographical indication. We own 1.85 hectares of vineyards with a total of 13,640 grapevines, of which 82% are Plavac, and 18% on Maraština. Most of our vineyards are located in "curves Fields" (island of Peljesac).

Our motto

Our motto is quality and not quantity, and it is a tradition that is passed from father to son through generations (since the 19th century). Our goal is to improve the quality of wine making and viticulture in general and the preservation of traditional varieties of vine.

Our history

Production Plavca in our family's tradition for centuries and dates from the late 19th century when the first vineyards Plavca small planted on their own roots. Continuing the tradition of his father's, my grandfather continued growing and expanding Plavca and care, effort and love for farming and conveyed to my grandfather. Wild family tradition, but also as a co-operant agricultural cooperatives noticed some deficiencies gargantuan production in which it came to large losses at the expense of the potential quality of the then growing and modes. Pointing to the farming cooperative Peljesac tops, got a job tasters and thus further emphasized the qualitative development of production. Love and gained knowledge and experience conveyed to my father who acquired professional growers and winemakers in 1973.

The importance of the vine in my family but also to the peninsula is great, and this is confirmed by the fact that precisely and only engage in this activity, nutrient and next generation family Grgurevic. It should be noted that hamstrings unlike other crops (except olive), whose cultivation in the peninsula was not possible, requires a lot of effort, a lot of effort and love of nature, tradition and respect Plavca, still the undisputed king of Croatian wines. So we can point out a way of planting that requires clearing of untreated surfaces, and construction and rehabilitation of traditional recognizable "honey" representing a monument to human labor. Respecting nature and identity, stressing peninsula, and especially my position and terroir curves fields, we follow the development and growth of vines using ecological products which assume retention specifics grapes from which we produce this wine. With the aim of qualitative separation and developing specialty of our ways of working in the vineyard, fermentation is left to the indigenous yeasts that I feel confident and the best are the result of our work. The vineyards from which we create wine Plavac, the average age of 15 years with the fact that every year enrich the production of new plantations finding situations where we return to the cradle of the Peljesac vine viticulture.

the turtles

Turtles "Cancar" are permanent residents of our vineyards since time immemorial. We are extremely proud to be the tortoise exactly one of the main symbols of our coat of arms. He should represent dedicated and hard work. Working without which getting fine wine was impossible. Within hoes are stylized cluster (as a result of dedicated work), and the letter "G" you do not need to explain ...

OPG Grgurevic
Janjina 30 20246 Janjina Pelješac HR


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