Benkovac Winery

The Benkovac vinery was built in 1956-1957 following the examples of existing wineries in the south of France. It consists of three different edifices, one for primary processing, care and maturation. Benkovac winery building is very attractive even today. The roof and a part of the facade is covered by ivy which gives it a beautiful, out of ordinary look, and ensures enough shade in the big wine-cellar. Benkovac winery was known by its rose wine until 2005, when the new vineyards were being planted in Korlat near Benkovac, in stone macchia, on an area of 103 ha with 530.000 grapevines. Vineyard was planted with bedding material from France, and the assortment of Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet sauvignon, Cabernet franc i Mourvèdre. Benkovac Vinery is well-known by its grape brandy and the finest wine condensates from which the old and European awarded Glembay brandy is made.

Korlat – wine that grew out of stone

Benkovac winery is situated on a civilization crossroad. It all started at the time of Venetian republic. Many diseases that attacked the grape wine in Italy and France motivated the wine agriculture in our region. Interesting to know that before that time, the wine production in Dalmatinska zagora was forbidden. The village Korlat is situated close by and it is named after Croatian noble family Korlatović. The vineyard Korlat is planted right next to the village; surrounded with Mediterranean herbs and bushes, facing the glorious Adriatic Sea! The grapevine literally grows out of stone, which contributes heavily to its excellent quality which resulted in 10 international medals on Decanter, VinItaly, Paris wine fair and Bruxelles in a first year! One should taste Korlat wines using the authentic wooden wine cup called "Bukara", together with the local gastronomic delicacies: duck stew, prisnac or lamb roast. Be careful, you are in great danger of developing a serious addiction to finer things in life and those are for sure our already world famous Korlat Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

The Town of Benkovac

The Town of Benkovac was named after Croatian counts Benkovići who had their seat in Kaštel of Benkovac. Kaštel of Benkovac, where you can find a museum today, was an old Croatian fortress which was transformed into a castle by Benkovići after the Turks arrived in the 16th century. Historical monuments in the area are many, but some of the most interesting ones to visit are the endowment of count Branimir from the 9th century (Šopot), the remains of Roman colony Asseria (Podgrađe) and the church of St. Antun from 1743. Glagolitic alphabet was formed in the mediaeval period and kept till 19th century. This area became a cross-border stronghold and an important crossroads which connected towns on the north coast of Dalmatia with Croatia.

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